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We help small businesses manage their information technology.

While you’re busy running your business, the enabling technologies that can boost your performance are continually changing and improving.  By updating the way you collaborate well while securing your business IT investment, JSW4NET can help you operate at your productive and professional best.

Save time, money and headaches by upgrading your business network and security with the most effective, productive tools and methods available. Your competitors are already doing it!

Project your professionalism with Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

Today, cloud computing offers a flexible and affordable alternative to the traditional system lifecycle (and capital expenditures) that today’s forward-thinking businesses are using to collaborate more effectively with employees and clients. And it costs just a few dollars per month!

As a Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partner, JSW4NET can get your business up and running on Office 365, Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration tool in the cloud. Scalable to your businesses’ needs, Office 365 provides secure, 24/7 accessibility via all the devices that people use to do business today—PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone.

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Plus, with JSW4NET, you enjoy the best of both worlds—the robust network of Microsoft and the personal service you expect from another small business.

Discover for yourself the benefits of Office 365 with a free 30-day trial! JSW4Net can help you set up a pilot program for your key employees.

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Outsmart intruders with proven network security methods.

Recovering from a security incident is one of the largest—and most avoidable—costs for small businesses today. When your system is compromised, your business operations grind to a halt. Sensitive client data can be disclosed, and your professional reputation can suffer serious damage.

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There are four simple steps you can take to improve your network security by 85 percent.

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Many small businesses mistakenly believe that they are too small to be of interest to identity thieves, however the data belies that belief. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), in 2012:

  • Small businesses with between one and 100 employees experienced more security breaches than any other group.
  • 75 percent of security breaches were opportunistic. In other words, the intruder did not target the organization, but simply took advantage of vulnerability in the network.

Applying deep experience and timely intelligence about network security issues, JSW4NET can help you work smarter by:

  • Identifying the greatest threats to your network.
  • Developing and implementing a customized security policy that uses recognized controls to specifically address those threats.

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Hosting Service Provider

JSW4NET can host your site, register your domain name and get you started with your own Word Press web site, that lets you create and manage your own content.

JSW4NET also offers virtual hosts for companies requiring more control over their hosting environment, or extra power and scalability.

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