Terms & Conditions


These terms are our standard conditions to provide services the clients of JSW4NET Inc.  By using our services you agree to accept these terms and abide by our policies. Clients should familiarize themselves with the terms and policies, and be aware that they are subject to change without advance notice. These terms and conditions also apply to customers of our web hosting service, operated under the domain name JSW4HOSTING.NET.

Last update: January 6, 2016.

Business Terms

JSW4NET Inc. generally performs larger projects in exchange for fees which are a part of a written agreement. In the absence of a written project agreement, we bill hourly for all time spent on behalf of the our clients. We invoice our consulting clients monthly or by the project. All invoices are payable immediately and late in 30 days.

Hosting account fees are due monthly, or annually, in advance. We may suspend or terminate accounts which are not current.

We reserve the right to charge charge interest on late amounts.

We reserve the right to charge other fees to collect delinquent accounts.

Satisfaction Guarantee and Refunds

All JSW4NET Inc. guarantees our customers are satisfied. Please let us know right away if you are not satisfied with any aspect of our work or service. If you tell JSW4NET Inc. about your dissatisfaction, we will perform the service satisfactorily; or if that is not possible, we refund the fees paid to us for the service.

Included agreements

If you register your domain with JSW4NET Inc., our business agreement is also subject to your acceptance of the terms described in the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy, and the OpenSRS Contract for .com, .net, and .org domains.

Related company policies

Privacy Policy

Your personally identifiable information such as your name and address belong to you. We will not give that information to third parties unless we are compelled to by law, or with your permission.

We take precautions to make sure this information is safe.

You may ask us to verify or correct the information we have on file about you at any time by contacting us.

Even though we firmly believe in your privacy, you should know that we must and we do collect and use certain other information about you to do business:

Credit card info

We allow customers to associate a credit card number with their web hosting account. All access to the server is only by encrypted means. The card information is encrypted before being stored, and only the last 4 digits are visible to customer service and support agents.

We use Authorize Net to process transactions, and all processing takes place over encrypted communication channels. We must supply them with your credit card information and address in order to process the transaction.

Whenever we transmit your credit card information in any way, it is encrypted during transmission.


When you pay by check, we present the check to our bank for deposit. Whatever information is on the check goes into the commercial banking systems when we deposit a check. We do not control that use, but it does affect your privacy and we are thinking about it.

We do not ordinarily make any copies of the check or record account information. We reserve the right to do so in order to make collection attempts. If that ever comes up, we will act within the law with regard to our use of the information. We will properly destroy the information at such time as it is no longer needed for collections.

Data Destruction

It is our practice to shred all documents and notes which contain personally identifiable information of any kind prior to disposing of it. Especially passwords.


We like to know what is going on in our network. We record connections to our servers for security purposes, and measure performance of our servers and networks. Additionally, we may use third parties to provide measurements of activity on our web site. That information is generally not personally identifiable, but in certain cases we may be able to associate certain data with individual web site visitors.

Your IP address may not be as anonymous as you think, and your browser may be telling more than you know.

Acceptable Use Policy

  • JSW4NET Inc. does not allow any use of our services which breaks the law where we are (State of Vermont, US) or where you are.
  • JSW4NET Inc. does not allow any use of our services which interferes with another customer’s use of the service; including:
    • Sending unsolicited email
    • Disproportionate use of processor, memory, disk space or bandwidth
  • JSW4NET Inc. does not allow any use of our services for anything which we think is adult entertainment business. (We will know it when we see it.)

At this time, JSW4NET does not specifically prohibit any other business use of our server or services. If you are in doubt, feel free to ask us.

Copyright Policy

JSW4NET Inc, or JSW4HOSTING.NET hosted customer web sites are subject to the DMCA. If you think a site we host is violating copyrights, please submit the following information to us, we will act within 21 days to have identified copyright infringement removed.

You must write to us and state that you are the owner of the copyright or the authorized agent for the copyright owner. Identify the copyrighted material, and describe the material including the address (URL) on a web site we host that you believe infringes on copyright. Your written correspondence must contain your name, address and phone number.

Send your written correspondence to :

ATTN: DCMA Compliance
PO Box 81
Readsboro, VT 05350

If you have questions about any of this

Please contact us; we will reply to clarify any of the items on this page for any current or prospective client.